In 2006, leveraging brand equity generated by Dallah Hospital over the years, the company decided to enter into contracts to manage and operate hospitals owned by third-parties outside regions of operation for Dallah Hospital. Dallah Healthcare does not take an ownership interest in these hospitals. Instead, it provides operational expertise in exchange for a fixed annual fee and / or a variable fee based on the earnings of the hospitals being managed.

Operations and management projects

Currently there are two major projects run by DHC:

Al-Khafji Hospital for Joint Operations

  • This hospital is owned by Aramco and is dedicated to Gulf Operations and to the Kuwaiti Gulf Oil Company.
  • Contract was signed in April 2011 to provide medical services to around 3,000 employees and their families.
  • According to the contract, DHC is responsible for:
    • The provision of medical and non-medical employees; equipment; medical and living supplies; and technical and professional support.
    • The purchase of all medical and non-medical supplies.
    • The operation and maintenance of the infrastructure of the hospitals’ information system.
    • The provision of high standard medical services

Mahayel Hospital: a private hospital located in the Southern Region of Saudi Arabia

  • A general hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, 25 outpatient clinics and two operation rooms.
  • Contract was signed in November 2010 for five years, focusing on the provision of hospital management services.


Makkah medical center

A Saudi shareholder company was founded in 1990 and located in Makkah city.

Jordanian Pharmaceuticals Company

A Jordanian public shareholder company specialized in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. It is subcontracting Dallah Pharma for the marketing and distribution.

Al-Ahsa Medical Services Company Limited