About Dallah Pharma

Dallah Pharma was established so Dallah Healthcare have a presence in one of the most important markets of the healthcare sector; the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, which includes medicines and health products, and cosmetic products with time, Dallah Pharma was able to expand its activities in the field of consumables and medical devices and nutritional supplements and building a Trusted brand. It also expanded in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing through the Dallah Pharma factory in Jeddah, which has certificates of manufacturing quality


To pioneer the pharmaceutical and medical equipment fields and provide the best services for our patients and clients and to help the healthcare providers to give patients a better quality of life

Dallah Pharma Services

  • Marketing and distributing international products under Dallah Pharma
  • Marketing our own products
  • Testing new products in coherence to market needs
  • Securing Medical supplies to Saudi Arabia, GCC, and hospitals in the public sector

Our Clients

  • Retail pharmacies
  • Health and beauty stores
  • Hospitals
  • Governmental agencies

Exclusive Product Distribution Rights in Saudi Arabia :

  • B-Tabs (South Africa)
  • Ethnofarm (Canada)
  • Herbadal (USA)
  • Borner (Germany)
  • Bourne (France)
  • Biossidas (Argentina)